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It’s always a bit weird when people write about themselves, but 3rd-person seems to be the format for these kinds of things, so here it is:

Lizzy Heckmaier has a BA in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley and an MS in Experimental Particle Physics from the University of California, Irvine. As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, Lizzy held research assistant positions in the Department of Astronomy/Space Sciences Laboratory, the Physics Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and in the Nuclear Engineering Department/LBNL Accelerator and Fusion Research Division. Her graduate research has included simulations and design work for next-generation experiments to detect Charged Lepton Flavor Violation. Her current graduate research is focused on probing the reactor antineutrino anomaly through beta-spectra analysis of short-lived fission products.

image credit: Anthony Hall

image credit: Anthony Hall

In addition to her academic work, Lizzy is active in the comics, gaming, internet, and pop culture communities. She has served as a science consultant for video games and has participated in several convention panels including ““No, I am not a Booth Babe:” Sexism in the Video Game Industry” at Geek Girl Con ’11 and “Geeking for Fun and Profit: Using your nerd XP to level-up IRL” at PAX Prime ’12. Lizzy is also the former co-host, editor, and producer of “The Perfect Squares Podcast,” along with Jessica Merizan of Crabcat Industries. In her work with Crabcat Industries, she has been featured as a guest on the Nerdist Channel’s “Try this at Home! with Crabcat Industries” and has appeared as a fabrication assistant/awesome BFF to Jessica and Holly on SyFy Channel’s “Heroes of Cosplay.”

You can find her on Twitter as @i_am_platypus.

Would you like to write or talk about video games/comics/something science-y on my website/blog/podcast, etc.?

Probably! You might not be able to get me to stop, though. Get in touch with me via email: $lizzy$(at)$geekinacyclotron$.com$ [no ‘$’ signs].

Can I ask you more about your research/find out more about your academic work/tell you my crack-pot theory?

As for the first two, yes. Contact me through email [above], Twitter, or G+. As for the third: no.

I’ve heard your homebrewed beer is amazing from [insert person-who-told-you-that’s name here]. Can I buy some?

Sadly, federal law prohibits me from selling my awesome beer. Maybe Beamline Brewing will be licensed in the future (dare to dream!).

Did you ever get those superpowers and/or bionic hand from your wacky science misadventures?

No, but I keep trying!

So, what’s a cyclotron, anyway?

I’m glad you asked.