Hello. I’m Liz Heckmaier. Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physicist. Fan of neu ‘trons, ‘trinos, and the things used to detect them.

My research interests run from critical experiments and nuclear data benchmarking to beta and gamma spectroscopy to radiation detection to simulating and modeling experiments to special nuclear materials/weapons non-proliferation technology and policy.

Lately, I’ve been designing and optimizing experiments for thermal scattering law and radiation transport code validation.

My PhD work focused on beta/gamma spectrum analysis and simulations of short-lived fission products to help figure out what’s going on with reactor antineutrinos.*

You can learn a bit more about me, or if you’re more social media/”networking”-inclined, find me here.

On the side, I enjoy tinkering with electronics and dabbling in graphic design.

*you can find a nice summary of the reactor antineutrino anomaly here.