some stuff I made.

Design Work

I try to use my powers for good, not evil.

Beamline Brewing [Homebrew] Labels

Client: Self

Better beer through SCIENCE.

collidercider_label klystronkoelsch_label beamlinebelgian_label HEPeweizen_label acceleratorale_label

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Mass Effect March Promo Card

Client: EA/Bioware

Postcard distributed to SDCC attendees in support of the Mass Effect 3 March.

ME3 SDCC Promo Card

ME3 SDCC Promo Card

Crabcat Member Sprites

Client: Crabcat Industries

For those 8-bit days.

lizzyspritebigjessicaspritebig hollyspritebig

UC Berkeley Research Conference Program/Signage

Client: UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Dept.

That awkward moment when your research supervisor tells you he needs a program for a last-minute conference.



Tech Projects

Welcome to Night Vale Glow Cloud Scientist

image credit: Noelle Paduan

image credit: Noelle Paduan

I was recently interviewed for the Blog about my use of electronics in the design and construction of my Welcome to Night Vale “Glow Cloud Scientist” cosplay!

Here’s a video of the Glow Cloud in action: